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As a Regional Delegate from British Columbia I arrived in Toronto at 1:30pm.
At 6:30 pm we entered into the Ballroom which is located on the top floor at the Airport Holiday Inn in Toronto to attend the Opening Ceremonies of the 2016 Search for Miss Teenage Canada. This was the first opportunity to meet everybody on a more personal level, which excited me!
I called this evening the “Sponsor Party”.

There was a good selection of high quality Oral B traveler’s toothbrushes specially monogrammed from Archer Dental because they care about our oral hygiene when we’re away from home competing for a crown.


Nuvango allowed us Miss Teen Canada Delegates to come visit the building they bought to start up their business! What is their business exactly, you ask? Nuvango creates fashion. They also create phone cases, and use certain artists designs on the cases and the clothing! How cool is that?! moment center by offering up some designer clothes
#nuvango #nuvangostyle , thankyou!!


There were free designer sunglasses from V.P.I. Canada, one pair for each regional delegate.
I found my pair of glasses. Thanks VPI Canada – I’ll make you proud.

Here’s a pic of me wearing my shades at the party with Kara! @VPICanada

Rimmel London provided a surplus of products for the girls’ welcome bags. They set up a make-up station with lots of extras. A lot of fun happened here throughout the evening. Find the team on Instagram & Twitter: @rimmelllondoncan, and on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RimmelLondonCanada

Hashtagio is a Social Media Aggregator and User Generated Marketing Platform that was at the show collecting all our social media tagged with the #MissTeenageCanada2016  and then projecting it live at the party.  Even better, they make a single feed URL to which our parents and friends can subscribe to follow along in real time as we experience all the different activities here in Toronto.  And the mass of spontaneously issued images and text from all 65 delegates will be archived on this page in the Miss Teenage Canada main site and on the Miss Teen Canada Blog Network / Search for Miss Teenage Canada 2016.
Square One shopping center gave us a gift bag with a $30 gift card to spend at their mall! Thank you @shopsquareone !


Sam Dhutia from Sweets Canada was at the party doing chocolate tastings. Sam made a very informative and delicious chocolate tasting exhibit – after each sampling he generously gave out gourmet chocolate bars , and or edible flower chocolate bars, depending on each delegate’s individual preferences, as discovered during the tastings! My favourite was the salted chocolate.
Sweets Canada is on Twitter @SweetsCanadaCA and so is their parent company Q Foods Canada which tweets from @QFoodsCanada

From Sweets Canada dispenses Gourmet Chocolates to MTC Regional Delegates 17July2016

One highlight of the 2016 Search for Miss Teenage Canada was the opening night party where Regional Delegates from across the nation were showered with gifts from Sponsors. Busy corporate CEOs like Sam Dhutia of Qfoods Canada appeared in person and dispensed gifts.

Sally Hansen provided products for gift bags and dispensed products at a make-up station at the welcome party.
Website: https://ca.sallyhansen.com/
Instagram & Twitter: @sallyhansenca

Another fun exhibit at the Opening Night Sponsors’ Party was from Bradlee Ryall Golf Academy which teaches golf lessons at six golf courses west of Toronto.
On Weds July 20th we’re all going to the golf academy to play a one-hole golf game for two ladies golf jackets (which are prizes from SWING active wear) at the end of our group lessons on two different courses.  Here at the party there was a live mini golf attraction set up for us to practice our putting.

Thank you #ryallgolf for giving us lessons at your club on Wednesday, I wouldn’t be a professional if it wasn’t for you and your beautiful course! ⛳️ #royalontariogolfclub #golf #puttingwithmario #drivingwithian #chippingwithjohn


At the party there was a bow and arrow (with a giant marshmallow on the pointy end) and we all took turns trying to hit a paper target that was setup in the ballroom.  We’ll ALL be playing Archery Tag in Toronto at Archers Arena on Thursday July 21st 2016.  On that night, look for the hashtag #archerytag #archersArena #combatArchery #gameOfFoam #toronto #championsArena


We’ll be visiting the Bata Shoe Museum on Tuesday, July 19 at 11:30 a.m.
@batashoemuseum   and they collect images marked #batashoemuseum


instagram/twitter/facebook: @fishdbyedo

#fishbyedo !! This is the perfect snack for after a workout. Thank you @fishbyedo!


Provided $15 coupon which we will be giving to the Miss Teenage Canada 2016 prize pack
Storia PR Inc.

Delegates are especially advised to seek out and introduce themselves to Daphna and Karen Nussbaum from Storia PR in Toronto.

These ladies are part of the 2016 Search for Miss Teenage Canada experience and will be retweeting and amplifying much of the media we make, everywhere we go.
@StoriaPR,  https://twitter.com/StoriaPR
Written by: Olivia Nelson
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I am in love with Tofino. Tofino is the Canadian version of Hawaii.
Well, almost. I live in Duncan on Vancouver island, and Tofino is
about a 4 hour drive from here. What’s so great about Tofino you might
ask? Personally, I think it is one of the most beautiful places on the
island that is famous for its beaches, surfing, deserted WWll bomber,
and tacos!
Wait…an abandoned WWll bomber?!? Yes! Back in 1945 a WWll bomber
crashed onto land shortly after takeoff. Ever since, people have been
able to hike to the scene if they were willing to walk 5 km through a
muddy forest. I hiked to the plane with my dad, and got to see the
popular attraction. Although not many people can get to it, unless you
are in good condition to power through a forest.


I actually got to sit on the top of it! It is pretty neat-o.

After a long, hot, and sweaty hike it is extremely refreshing to grab a taco at Tacofino and head over to Longbeach! This is where most of the surfers go to catch some massive
waves. I have never been further than Vancouver in my life, so going
to Tofino is a real treat because I feel as though I am in Hawaii.


When you’re livin’ it up in Tofino for a weekend, you can’t go without
saying “surfs up!” Or, “hang loose man”.

This is such a desireable place to be. People from all over the world come to Tofino and absolutely love it. I always end up trying something new everytime I go! As Miss Teen Vancouver Island 2016, I am proud to say that I have the opportunity to represent this island. I couldn’t ask for a better place to live.


Miss Teen Vancouver Island

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We are spoiled. A standing home, a pet, a smart phone…


On Wednesday June 1st, 15,000 citizens of the Lower Townsite, Anzac, Fort McMurray First Nation and Gregoire Lake Estates area were finally allowed to make their way home. It is expected that approximately 80,000 residents will return to the northern Alberta community by the end of this week.

Fort McMurray

They had to leave it all, with next to no knowledge of the crisis. There was a possibility of their home, their prized possessions and heirlooms being torn down by flames. They had to flee from it because the fire was too strong and of course too unpredictable. But as the people return home today, and for the next while, we will be sitting here on our laptops or smart phones protected by the comfort of our standing homes reading this information about the devastation of Fort McMurray.

In May, I hosted a garage sale at my house and all funds are going towards Fort McMurray. A little girl around the age of 4 and her grandmother came to my garage sale. This girl was from Fort McMurray. Her house burnt down. Her grandparents travelled to Fort McMurray to get her and bring her to Duncan, where she is living now. She was one of the cutest, most cheerful and innocent little girls I have ever met.

I want to take this post and say THANK YOU to all of the lovely ladies I am competing with in Nationals who are raising money to help out Fort McMurray!!! And thank you to everybody locally who is doing the same!!! #itdoesntstophere





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Well, I am Olivia! Friends and family call me Liv. I think I am one of the many Olivia’s in this pageant, it feels as though there are about 100 other Olivia’s, which is pretty funny! First of all, this is an experience of a lifetime. It’s unbelievable. Representing an Island, a region, my home town… it will be a huge responsibility, and I have never done anything like this ever before. To be completely honest with you, I am scared out of my mind! The biggest feeling that is taking over though, is the rush of excitement.

I graduated in the summer of 2015, and I could have hid 5 human beings under my gown, I barely fit in the car..! I am looking forward to moving on from the life of school, to getting married and sarting a family.


I work at Thrifty Foods, and at a hair salon as a hairdresser! I love to perform in front of an audience. Ever since I was little, I performed on stage, in my living room, anywhere. You would find me dancing, singing or tumbling. I am not a very shy girl. I love to make new friends. I don’t take people for granted, because you never know who they can become to you. I love God, and thank Him for where He has put me in my life. A few of my other favourite things are sleeping, eating, and being in the sun! Now, apparently a new passion of mine is pageants!

I grew up on a farm with my sister, in a tiny home, in the midst of a forest, with no neighbours. As you might have guessed already (or maybe not because this is a very rare case) I was homeschooled my whole life. I often get “wow, do you have any friends?” or “who taught you everything? Your cat?”. Yes, I do have friends. No, my cats IQ isn’t as high as mine. When you are homeschooled, it’s usually online. Teachers grade you through the online courses, and us high school homeschoolers would all get together and do classes together or go on fieldtrips. I made lifelong friends, and met my future husband through homeschooling! SO honestly, it’s not that bad. 😉


This is the reason I am most thrilled to be in this pageant..

As Miss Teenage Vancouver Island 2016, my goal is to raise $15,000 by the end of the year to send somebody from Vancouver Island to San Diego with cancer to be treated at the Gerson Clinic, and their companion since somebody has to go with them.


I feel so deeply for people with cancer. But it can be treated, and be healed completely! Throughout my one year reign as Miss Teenage Vancouver Island 2016, I am going to raise awareness towards a cancer treatment called the Gerson Therapy. An institute in San Diego, called the Gerson Clinic is a clinic where they treat many types of cancer patients by juicing certified organic fruits and vegetables, and perform detoxifying procedures.
I know that cancer is one of the hardest things to go through, for the person, and for the family. This is why I am doing this.

I am not a professional blogger at all… I can never seem to think of things to write. But I can’t wait to share my next (hopefully exciting) post with you guys!!!

You can call me Liv 🙂

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