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Last night Was incredible. We arrived at the hotel in Toronto for our first night at the Miss Teenage Canada Pageant. We were VIP’s to a Sponsor Party, put on for all the Pageant girls! Everyone was so excited, getting on dresses, and makeup to prepare for the event. We had no Idea what we were in for! We went into our chairs at the event and got a wonderful welcome from our chaperones, and the last years Miss Teenage Canada.

Nine West

The first station I went to was Nine West. The owners of nine west gave us beautiful high heel black shoes. They are going to be worn for our dance at the Pageant performance! Nine West has a huge store in Toronto and around Canada. Take a look at the rest of Nine West’s shoe collection at www.ninewest.ca

Up To The Times

Up to the Times had a contest to see who would win one of there super deluxe watches. We all got to choose our favourite watch and pose in front of your station with it! We will find out later this week who got the watch.

We also each got a different necklace each. I got a gold plated necklace with a horse shoe.

follow Up To The Times on Instagram at #iamuptothetimes


Arch Dental

They gave us tooth brushes, dental floss, and tooth paste. Good reminder to floss everyday and to keep our mouths clean and happy.


Golden Glamour Goddesses

The booth for Glamour Goddesses was so awesome. The lady that was telling us about her products was so informative. She gave all the girls a bag with a different soap and a body butter. I don’t usually wear body butter, but her products were very natural and made with such a nice feeling. I’d recommend Golden Glamour Goddesses to anyone who wants good body butter, lash extentions, and tanning!


Street Chic

At Street Chic we went to there table and were given a beautiful pair of earrings. Ever girl got to choose the type of earring they wanted the most. They had sparkly studs, sparkly bangles, they had little earrings. My pair were treble clef and music note earrings! They are perfect for a music lover such as myself!



Super Adorbs

We got to the booth for Super Adorbs, and there were so many different options to choose from. They had headbands, bunny ears, pom poms for your key chain, necklaces and bracelets! After a lot of consideration to the options I saw a gold leafed bracelet. It was small and light, absolutely adorable.


Wandering Minstrel Music School

The Music school was having a competition last night. They were going to give away a free microphone for whoever can get the most likes on there social media post singing with the mic! The winner will be introduced Wednesday at 9pm!

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Butchart Gardens is one of the most beautiful gardens that I have been to on the Island. I love flowers though, not the cut ones that are given to people for birthdays and as signs of love, but flowers that are in the ground, growing and blooming.

Coming into the Garden you are already enlightened by the beautiful sight of pinks, oranges, purples, reds and pretty much every colour you can think of! In the spring, all the flowers are in full bloom, they are absolutely gorgeous. There is a book that is given to each guest that lists all the flowers, the names with pictures.

People come to the garden for many reasons. The trees are a huge attraction, there are over 90 different ones. They can be as simple as an apple tree or as unique as Koelreuteria paniculata (Golden-rain tree). Some come to just smell the roses from the huge rose garden that holds over 70 different roses. When you walk into the rose garden its one of the most beautiful smells in the world. All the different types combined in one area is absolutely fantastic. There are other attractions such as the Japanese Garden, Sunken Garden, Italian Garden, Mediterranean Garden and Bog Garden.

My Favourite part of the gardens though is the lily’s. There are so many different types of lily’s, and they are spread out around the gardens. Since my favourite flower is the Pink Lily, when I learned about the rare red lily I got really excited. This was one of the more vibrant and bright flowers I had ever seen before, the variety of lily’s in this garden is what really got me to love Butchart Gardens.

The rest of the garden is pretty spectacular. In the summer there is a firework show every Saturday night. I don’t think I’ve ever seen this incredible of a show of fireworks in my life. I’ve been to Disneyland, Canada day events, special firework shows and nothing has even compared to how amazing the ones at Butchart Gardens are. They start off the music to whatever the theme is that week and the fireworks go to the music for over half an hour. It’s exciting, happy, and a very fun experience that I would recommend to everyone! My picture does not do it justice.

There are many amazing parts about Butchart Gardens, but one of the coolest is the Carousel

The Carousel costs $2 per ride, but its quite fun. It’s open from when the garden opened till close! I hope if you go to the gardens you’ll be able to go on this ride. Lots of people go to the garden and don’t know about the carousel, if you want to find it, its near the totem pole’s.

Now! If you get hungry there are so many different options. There is the Cafeteria, the gelato shop, the cafe, and the High Tea and Restaurant. In the Cafeteria, there are fresh fish and chicken made right there for lunches or dinners and lots of different options for dietary needs. The Cafe is at the front of the garden near the gift shop. There are sandwiches and drinks there if you just need a bit of food. The fanciest place in the Garden is going for High Tea. Most of the time you’ll need a reservation if you want to go to the Dining Room Restaurant. They serve high tea between certain times of the day and lunch and dinner. The restaurant over looks the Italian Garden and the food in incredible!

I hope that you will be able to go to Butchart Gardens as It is one of the most memorable places on the Island to go!


This is me at the Garden ! Have a great time!



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My favourite way to start off a day is to take a deep breath, stretch and walk into my studio. In my studio I’ll warm up my hands, do some finger exercises and then take out my instrument. I look at my music and most of the time I’ll turn it around so I cannot see what the sheet music says, and I’ll just start playing. I put my bow on the string and do a long, steady bow to make a clean sound. As I am starting to wake up more, I start to put one finger at a time on my instrument. At this point I am flying through my scales one by one with grace and ease (hopefully). After I play 10 or so scales I’ll put down my violin and go into the kitchen to have the other thing I love. FOOD! Who else just loves food? I’m guessing by now your thinking “food” would be like eggs, toast, bacon maybe some other kind of meat? Well I am almost thinking the opposite, I think smoothies with leafy greens in them! Doesn’t that sound delicious?! Well.. I think you’ll have to try one before you say anything to quickly 🙂  I look around and find some sort of leafy green like lettuce, kale, or spinach. Then I’ll look for maybe a fruit like an apple or orange, add some water, wheatgrass, and chia seeds and there is my very healthy and yummy breakfast. This is an awesome way to start the day as well as be energized! I love being full of energy, thats why I decided over 7 years ago to be 80% raw/vegan.

If you want to try a green smoothie here is the ingredients:

2 cups of water, 1 apple, 1 cup of spinach, 1 cup of kale, 1 tbs of chia seeds and 1 shot of wheatgrass

I hope you guys enjoyed!

Have an Awesome day!

Serena <3


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As a Regional Delegate from British Columbia I arrived in Toronto at 1:30pm.
At 6:30 pm we entered into the Ballroom which is located on the top floor at the Airport Holiday Inn in Toronto to attend the Opening Ceremonies of the 2016 Search for Miss Teenage Canada. This was the first opportunity to meet everybody on a more personal level, which excited me!
I called this evening the “Sponsor Party”.

There was a good selection of high quality Oral B traveler’s toothbrushes specially monogrammed from Archer Dental because they care about our oral hygiene when we’re away from home competing for a crown.


Nuvango allowed us Miss Teen Canada Delegates to come visit the building they bought to start up their business! What is their business exactly, you ask? Nuvango creates fashion. They also create phone cases, and use certain artists designs on the cases and the clothing! How cool is that?! moment center by offering up some designer clothes
#nuvango #nuvangostyle , thankyou!!


There were free designer sunglasses from V.P.I. Canada, one pair for each regional delegate.
I found my pair of glasses. Thanks VPI Canada – I’ll make you proud.

Here’s a pic of me wearing my shades at the party with Kara! @VPICanada

Rimmel London provided a surplus of products for the girls’ welcome bags. They set up a make-up station with lots of extras. A lot of fun happened here throughout the evening. Find the team on Instagram & Twitter: @rimmelllondoncan, and on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RimmelLondonCanada

Hashtagio is a Social Media Aggregator and User Generated Marketing Platform that was at the show collecting all our social media tagged with the #MissTeenageCanada2016  and then projecting it live at the party.  Even better, they make a single feed URL to which our parents and friends can subscribe to follow along in real time as we experience all the different activities here in Toronto.  And the mass of spontaneously issued images and text from all 65 delegates will be archived on this page in the Miss Teenage Canada main site and on the Miss Teen Canada Blog Network / Search for Miss Teenage Canada 2016.
Square One shopping center gave us a gift bag with a $30 gift card to spend at their mall! Thank you @shopsquareone !


Sam Dhutia from Sweets Canada was at the party doing chocolate tastings. Sam made a very informative and delicious chocolate tasting exhibit – after each sampling he generously gave out gourmet chocolate bars , and or edible flower chocolate bars, depending on each delegate’s individual preferences, as discovered during the tastings! My favourite was the salted chocolate.
Sweets Canada is on Twitter @SweetsCanadaCA and so is their parent company Q Foods Canada which tweets from @QFoodsCanada

From Sweets Canada dispenses Gourmet Chocolates to MTC Regional Delegates 17July2016

One highlight of the 2016 Search for Miss Teenage Canada was the opening night party where Regional Delegates from across the nation were showered with gifts from Sponsors. Busy corporate CEOs like Sam Dhutia of Qfoods Canada appeared in person and dispensed gifts.

Sally Hansen provided products for gift bags and dispensed products at a make-up station at the welcome party.
Website: https://ca.sallyhansen.com/
Instagram & Twitter: @sallyhansenca

Another fun exhibit at the Opening Night Sponsors’ Party was from Bradlee Ryall Golf Academy which teaches golf lessons at six golf courses west of Toronto.
On Weds July 20th we’re all going to the golf academy to play a one-hole golf game for two ladies golf jackets (which are prizes from SWING active wear) at the end of our group lessons on two different courses.  Here at the party there was a live mini golf attraction set up for us to practice our putting.

Thank you #ryallgolf for giving us lessons at your club on Wednesday, I wouldn’t be a professional if it wasn’t for you and your beautiful course! ⛳️ #royalontariogolfclub #golf #puttingwithmario #drivingwithian #chippingwithjohn


At the party there was a bow and arrow (with a giant marshmallow on the pointy end) and we all took turns trying to hit a paper target that was setup in the ballroom.  We’ll ALL be playing Archery Tag in Toronto at Archers Arena on Thursday July 21st 2016.  On that night, look for the hashtag #archerytag #archersArena #combatArchery #gameOfFoam #toronto #championsArena


We’ll be visiting the Bata Shoe Museum on Tuesday, July 19 at 11:30 a.m.
@batashoemuseum   and they collect images marked #batashoemuseum


instagram/twitter/facebook: @fishdbyedo

#fishbyedo !! This is the perfect snack for after a workout. Thank you @fishbyedo!


Provided $15 coupon which we will be giving to the Miss Teenage Canada 2016 prize pack
Storia PR Inc.

Delegates are especially advised to seek out and introduce themselves to Daphna and Karen Nussbaum from Storia PR in Toronto.

These ladies are part of the 2016 Search for Miss Teenage Canada experience and will be retweeting and amplifying much of the media we make, everywhere we go.
@StoriaPR,  https://twitter.com/StoriaPR
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