Last night Was incredible. We arrived at the hotel in Toronto for our first night at the Miss Teenage Canada Pageant. We were VIP’s to a Sponsor Party, put on for all the Pageant girls! Everyone was so excited, getting on dresses, and makeup to prepare for the event. We had no Idea what we were in for! We went into our chairs at the event and got a wonderful welcome from our chaperones, and the last years Miss Teenage Canada.

Nine West

The first station I went to was Nine West. The owners of nine west gave us beautiful high heel black shoes. They are going to be worn for our dance at the Pageant performance! Nine West has a huge store in Toronto and around Canada. Take a look at the rest of Nine West’s shoe collection at

Up To The Times

Up to the Times had a contest to see who would win one of there super deluxe watches. We all got to choose our favourite watch and pose in front of your station with it! We will find out later this week who got the watch.

We also each got a different necklace each. I got a gold plated necklace with a horse shoe.

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Arch Dental

They gave us tooth brushes, dental floss, and tooth paste. Good reminder to floss everyday and to keep our mouths clean and happy.


Golden Glamour Goddesses

The booth for Glamour Goddesses was so awesome. The lady that was telling us about her products was so informative. She gave all the girls a bag with a different soap and a body butter. I don’t usually wear body butter, but her products were very natural and made with such a nice feeling. I’d recommend Golden Glamour Goddesses to anyone who wants good body butter, lash extentions, and tanning!


Street Chic

At Street Chic we went to there table and were given a beautiful pair of earrings. Ever girl got to choose the type of earring they wanted the most. They had sparkly studs, sparkly bangles, they had little earrings. My pair were treble clef and music note earrings! They are perfect for a music lover such as myself!



Super Adorbs

We got to the booth for Super Adorbs, and there were so many different options to choose from. They had headbands, bunny ears, pom poms for your key chain, necklaces and bracelets! After a lot of consideration to the options I saw a gold leafed bracelet. It was small and light, absolutely adorable.


Wandering Minstrel Music School

The Music school was having a competition last night. They were going to give away a free microphone for whoever can get the most likes on there social media post singing with the mic! The winner will be introduced Wednesday at 9pm!

Written by: Serena

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