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On Wednesday June 1st, 15,000 citizens of the Lower Townsite, Anzac, Fort McMurray First Nation and Gregoire Lake Estates area were finally allowed to make their way home. It is expected that approximately 80,000 residents will return to the northern Alberta community by the end of this week.

Fort McMurray

They had to leave it all, with next to no knowledge of the crisis. There was a possibility of their home, their prized possessions and heirlooms being torn down by flames. They had to flee from it because the fire was too strong and of course too unpredictable. But as the people return home today, and for the next while, we will be sitting here on our laptops or smart phones protected by the comfort of our standing homes reading this information about the devastation of Fort McMurray.

In May, I hosted a garage sale at my house and all funds are going towards Fort McMurray. A little girl around the age of 4 and her grandmother came to my garage sale. This girl was from Fort McMurray. Her house burnt down. Her grandparents travelled to Fort McMurray to get her and bring her to Duncan, where she is living now. She was one of the cutest, most cheerful and innocent little girls I have ever met.

I want to take this post and say THANK YOU to all of the lovely ladies I am competing with in Nationals who are raising money to help out Fort McMurray!!! And thank you to everybody locally who is doing the same!!! #itdoesntstophere





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