Today I woke up buzzing with excitement as I prepared myself for the 117th Annual Victoria Day Parade. With sunny blue skies above; both Miss Teenage Victoria and I would soon be styling, in our perfectly detailed red T-bird convertible awaiting.


Prior to leaving in our designated order we had a frenzy of photographers and media capturing us as we prepared for the procession ahead. I soon had my go to wave nailed; it took on a semblance of the Queens wave. I would occasionally switch it up with a handful of kisses being directed to the little people and received screams or smiles in return from the spectators.

Some other highlights of the 113 entries included 15 bands, 16 military entries, Daisy and Farmer Vicki from Island Farms, clowns, floats and more. Having ended at the Parliament building, it soon became apparent that our day was not complete without many more pictures. Tourists from all over the world lined up to get their picture with Miss Teenage Victoria and myself. Little girls running up to hug me was my favourite part of the day, as they truly believed I was a princess and it just warmed my heart.

Much Love


Written by: Mckenna

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